References and Resources

Resources: (This is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of articles)

video from Rethinking foster care – Molly McGrath Tierney who managed Baltimore’s child welfare system for seven years:

A quick read summarizing issues:

A more in depth article explaining how the system works… It was written in 2000, and in fourteen years, nothing has changed.

Article in Baltimore Sun ‘Getting to Baltimore’s at-risk kids before it’s too late’:

The article on Child Protective Services from The Times Herald discussing how Title IV-E funds are abused:

Examples of CPS abuse, has several cases, book reviews, and links:


Youtube videos documenting CPS problems:

Experts on the Child Protective Services system talk about the situation with Childrens’ Services in California and their deep backgrounds of experiences dealing with the system – a true wealth of information from these dedicated and knowledgeable professionals.

Videos about Kentucky investigation:
From Kentucky investigation: CPS Stalking, Orders For Babies, Forced Adoption, Fraud, Confirmed: OIG, News32 2007
CPS Steals Children for Profit – Your Tax Dollars in Action!

A former CPS worker, Carlos Morales, Author of Legally Kidnapped, talking about abuses in CPS:

Foster Homes: Where Good Kids Go To Die

An article, Does Adoption Equal Trauma? (YES)

Summary of Casey study of foster care alumni:

Nancy Schaefer’s report:

Nancy Schaefer Videos

A very insightful and well researched article from a foster mom of 20 years:

A very in depth article documenting problems within the CPS system by Dr. Stephen M. Krason, a Professor of Political Science and Legal Studies. This article addresses the history of CPS, explains in great detail the problems of how child abuse is reported, and not having clear cut definitions of what abuse and neglect is, and problems with the fostering system, and has many examples:

The article about the Texas study:

Article from Tulsa World summarizing the results of the Oklahoma CPS study by the Casey Foundation:

The full report from the Casey Foundation:

More information about the Casey Foundation:

A report from foster mom Mary Callahan who wrote the book “Memories of a Baby Stealer”:

Studies from MIT about the long term results of foster care:

These reports summarized:

Article about how adoption is big business:

Articles about over medicating of children in foster care (from two very different sources):

A summary from the government on child welfare acts:

Information about how child welfare is funded:

Information about the Title IV-E waiver program:

Lobbyists for the current CPS system (to show just how many have a vested interest in the current system):

More information:

Continue to Books about CPS and fostering


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