Child Protection Services Overview

If you think Child Protective Services protects our children…  Read on.

This could happen to you

cpsphotoaYour daughter falls on a skateboard and you take her to the emergency room.  They do an x-ray and find an old fracture.  The doctor leaves and makes a phone call.  Child Protective Services or CPS shows up and removes your child, saying the facture was due to child abuse.  When CPS comes to your home to interview you, you are still shocked, but attempt to explain that your daughter was in gymnastics and must have gotten a hairline fracture from that.   When you go to court, you are told that your home was unfit, you appeared to be impaired so you are a drug addict, your child has been abused and sent to foster care, CPS wants your parental rights terminated, and you may never see your child again and there is nothing you can do.

The cold hard facts are situations like this happen every day.

Did you know?

Every time a child is sent to foster care, the state receives money.  And if the child has medical needs and/or requires medication, the state gets more money.    And if the child is adopted away from their family, the state receives even MORE money.  And states have quotas for adoptions from foster care.  Over NINETY PERCENT of the money the feds pay the states for child welfare REQUIRES the child be REMOVED from their home.  There are no bonuses or incentives to keep a child with their family.  When we hear stories on the news about Justina Pelletier, we are shocked.  But did you know this happens all the time?

Parents thrown into the family court system finds themselves in a kangaroo court.  YOU ARE GUILTY.  Period.  Caseworkers can lie and manufacture evidence.  And they are immune from prosecution.  CPS has no oversight, accountability, or consequences.

cpsphotobWe are told children are removed from their homes because of horrible abuse and are sent to loving foster homes where they will thrive.  But far too often that is just not true.  Only about 20 percent of child removals are because of ‘abuse’.  There are loving foster parents but some are in it for the money.  Many children in foster care are miserable and runaways are a huge problem.  Statistics show that about sixty percent of juveniles arrested for prostitution or that were sex trafficking victims were in foster care.

EVERY TIME a child is removed from their home they suffer damage.  An extensive MIT study substantiated former foster children are three times more likely to suffer a ‘bad outcome’ (such as future incarceration) and often a ‘bad’ home is better than foster care.  And the government encouraged outcome, adoption, will leave the child with even more trauma.   But even sadder, one out of every ten children sent to foster care will NEVER AGAIN have a home.

cpsphotoeOur society glorifies foster care and adoption. But foster care and adoption are BIG BUSINESS.  They rake in billions of dollars every year.  And their ‘clients’ are children that in many cases should have been left in their homes. Our churches rarely do anything to assist parents whose children have been removed and are trying to get them back.  This needs to change.  I beg of you, search your heart.   There are thousands children that have been ripped from their homes all because of money.  And if you do nothing and can sleep at night, shame on you!

At any given time, there are approximately 400,000 to 500,000 children in foster care.  And every year roughly 250,000 enter and exit the system.  In a ten year period this equates to 2.5 million children.   Compare this to 1.5 million children killed in the holocaust.

cpsphotodThis cash for kids must stop immediately.  Every day it continues more lives are ruined. Federal dollars should not be spent making our children a commodity.  In it’s place there needs to be a system that is truly ‘in the best interests of the children’.  And if at all possible, children belong with their family.  CPS needs oversight, accountability and consequences.  Every state’s CPS unit should be audited.  And unless conditions are not safe, children should be returned to their family.

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